3 Secrets to Get Unstuck with Your Product

For game-changing leaders building purpose-focused products.

Unlock the 3 secrets to:

  • Understanding your missing customers' perspectives
  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Accelerating timelines for rapid growth.

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Those 3 Secrets Will Reveal

Why You're Struggling

Gain deep insights into your target audience's needs and perspectives with our baseline assessment.

How You Measure Goals

Learn how to establish realistic, actionable goals to bridge the gaps with your product.

Get Unstuck

Track your progress over time and rediscover how your customers connect with your product.

With the Zenith Score Lead, you'll quickly reach your audacious goals by: 

  • Establishing a baseline for how well you gather input from your customers' diverse perspectives and, how you attract and retain them
  • Start getting information about why your customers aren't returning
  • Aligning your team around tailored approaches to reach and engage with your customers
  • Continusouly comparing what you discover to be the real reasons over time against your assumptions

Get unstuck with real customer data to back-up your anecdotes, in no time!

You've been stuck for way too long not knowing how to engage or retain your customers.

You don't have enough research or data to back up your anecdotal stories of why your customers aren't engaging or returning.

There's no structure to how you have a conversation or ask questions in a way that saves you time.

So, you give them what you think they want.

And, they don't want it!

Doesn't it frustrate you, though? Feeling this very slow drip feed, wasting time not serving your customers the best they deserve.

Get certainty into the solution you're building for your customers WITH your customers and don't miss out on their voices. 

  • Get a baseline assessment to give you perspective and insight into your business.
  • Receive the common threads across your business to raise the stories too often unheard from your customers and tell the story of what's happening within.
  • Extrapolate your biggest problems and tackle them in our 3-Module Course Workshop Series.

You'll immediately get unstuck with benchmarks to increase retention, WOW your customers and lead a game-changing business - not a suffering one.

With the right benchmark, you'll speed your time to pioneer your purpose-focused product and reach your audacious goals:

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About the founder & CEO

Bonjour/Hi, I’m Junie, founder & CEO of Propel Innovations, an international speaker, co-Author of Undefeated, podcast host of Uncover Untapped Markets, and training for my third Ironman70.3.

Nominated for TechDiversity Awards' Tech for Good and Diversity Champion for Startup Community Awards. Finalist of Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

Reality is, like you, I've personally faced life-changing circumstances that shook my world and perspective leading me to pioneer game-changing products or services. With game-changing leaders, we’ve exchanged our thoughts and poured our hearts into developing a 3-Module Course Workshop Series. This isn't just a 'course'; it's an actionable playbook that bridges the gap between you and the real-world problems your customers experience every day. It's about raising the missing voices often unheard to build products that WOW them and help you reach your audacious goals faster. Making lasting changes in everyone's lives! 

With my background in leadership and design projects in various industries across sectors in North and Latin America, and Asia Pacific like, banking, education, events, hospitality and not-for-profits, I offer a unique lens because I get it how these cultural nuances in unique communities create instant trust and understanding to bridge the gap between products and people so it resonates with their needs.

Join this journey with other game-changing leaders who believe in doing things differently. If you're ready to see your vision come to life faster, let’s get things done!

Excited to share this with you!

Black woman CEO wearing black dress crossed arms with tattoo

Uncover Untapped Markets

Our podcast conversations are light-hearted, insightful and raw to uncover executive leaders' blindspots. These are unique insights of people’s lived experiences and the richness behind the business value of uncovering untapped markets. 

Living to Change the Game

Our vision is to redesign a world with true representation of people’s true needs.

Our mission is to remove biases in how products and services are designed in the next 5 years.

At Propel Innovations, we're not just in the business of innovation; we're on a mission to get things done in challenging your assumptions. We're here to help executive leaders bridge the gap between their offerings and accessing missing voices with baseline assessments. For game-changing leaders pioneering purpose-focused products and services.

As we propel towards building a future free from assumptions based on biases, I encourage you to join us on this journey.

Let's make a difference together.

Time is ticking, and the impact starts with game-changing leaders, like you!

With nearly 20 tech, not-for-profit and small business partners, I’ve been making waves with Propel Innovations:

  • Over 100+ workshop attendees have joined our journey.
  • As an international speaker powerfully engaging why it’s important now more than ever to consider bridging the gap between you and your customers' experiences with their real-world problems to build products that resonate and lead to game-changing results faster.
  • Recognized as a finalist for business excellence, nominated for tech for good in accessibility and inclusivity, and diversity champion for startup community awards.
  • Leading a brand illuminating wider audiences often unheard.

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